Should Women discuss with their Man issues that their Girlfriends have shared with them?

Subject: Should Women discuss with their Man issues that their Girlfriends have shared with them?

This topic was presented to me and was requested that I poll this topic with my FB followers. Okay…Why not I said. My opinion on this subject matter is if you tell your man her secrets, this is a violation of the “Girlfriend code” Seriously! Why do we as women feel compelled to share information about our girlfriends to our husband or boyfriend? For the record..I don’t. However, I know a plenty of women friend that do. Frankly, I think most men don’t care and real macho men don’t want to hear it. Why women pillow talk our issues are beyond me. Really! don’t they know that the next time she wants to spend time with her friend that her man is going to start to question what they’ve talked about, and in a roundabout way, try to get an update on the latest drama. Yes, men gossip too. I personally wouldn’t want my man thinking about another woman and her issues while he is pillow talking with me! Just saying.
What’s your thoughts? Let’s get conversational
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The Stranger in My Bed

Cheating husband

Is it possible we get fooled even while we’re living with and alongside a man in the bed, day in and day out, for years and years and years? The answer is yes! Or perhaps do we as women KNOW, on some deep subconscious level that our man is doing things he’s not telling us and things that would hurt us if we knew for sure? The answer again is yes! Let’s just keep it real.

I’ve thought about this and thought about this. I’ve even looked at myself in the mirror with that robotic smile pasted on my face that could not have truly been real given what I’ve had to go through. I thought whoa!!! am I “unconscious,” or that there must be something wrong with me that I’d choose a man who could lie to me and hurt me like that and not notice that something was off in him and the relationship. Let the truth be told, most women know, but just didn’t want to deal with it. I’ve always known; as does a lot of women and decided to wait until my children were grown, rather than go through a messy divorce that would surely cost a lot of money. And given my strong Alpha female personality, I’ve always wanted to distance myself from these type of women believing that I would never, ever be fooled like that. I was wrong! I had a stranger in my bed and I too have been fooled. Of course, I said to myself “I would know if he was spending great sums of money without telling me. Surely, I would be able to tell that he was sleeping with another woman and lying to me.” However, most of the women I know that was open enough to confess such a betrayal;  as did myself, just simply ignored all the signs and turned their backs on the obvious. What a lesson learned.

So, when I’m tempted to judge other women, I stop myself. I know now that “Love can be a sedative and cause common sense to fall asleep.”So I can only say that I hope I would be alert enough to know if something was wrong in my next relationship before I ever take the vow again.

If you’ve ever struggled with this… perhaps you’ve been betrayed in the past (I certainly have been thrown for a loop and completely shocked by a man’s behavior) …then let’s look at some ways to avoid ever having to go through it again. Let’s get conversational.

It is not good for the Man to be alone

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Let’s get conversational. I know that it has been six months since I’ve posted anything for my blog. Yes, I took a hiatus to focus on honing my skills as a Life Coach to gain a better understanding of the single male/female relationships. OMG…I have been in reality school 2015. Ultimately, single women want that “Perfect Guy” or nothing at all. And single men don’t want to commit. I found that far too many single people are content being single. What ever happened to “It is not good for the man to be alone” Hence why the dating sites are a multi-million dollar industry. While conducting my interviews, I found with both men and women they seem to share two common viewpoints. One, relationships are drama filled, and two relationships are too much emotional work. I’m beginning to think that the idea of a committed relationship nowadays is considered an old fashion notion… Seriously!  I am getting very concerned that most of the single people I interviewed  would rather have a “hook up” than plan a wedding. Okay! forget marriage…I get it!  Marriage is not for everyone…but how about not wanting to grow old alone or that fear of never knowing what unconditional love feels like. Most said that’s not important. Most said they are happy and that their friends fill that void. Really!!! I am not buying it. In my opinion, to make a conscious decision to live out your life without taking a mate along the journey, makes for a lonely existence. Not my words.. read your Bible. I’m so glad my parents did not feel this way. I personally believe no one wants to be alone be it human or animal; but gives up on the effort to find that special someone. What’s your thoughts?

Let’s get conversational.

Men and their Tools

Now that I’ve got your attention, I need to ask this serious question. What happened to the art of craftsmanship? i.e. construction work, cement, electrical, auto mechanics and is this a lost art? Has this generation of men traded their tool belts for cell phone holders? Really! What’s up with …

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