Girlfriends or Men friends… Which is better?


I’ve often heard women say the friendships with men are better than friendship with women. Why is that? ¬†Is it because women friendships are often portrayed as drama filled relationships characterized by conflict, jealousy, competitiveness, betrayal, and disappointment? Point taken. However, not all women friendships are toxic. I would never want to imagine a world where women could not be real friends. Women were masterfully and magnificently created to need one another. Don’t take my word – read your Bible. I needed to hear from a man on this topic, so I called up a male friend of mine and asked his opinion. Quickly and to the point he answered ” Women are too critical of one another- men friends are not that judgmental.” Really! So the fear of being judged¬†causes some women to turn their backs on female friendships? Naw…not buying it!

Friendship and sisterhood resonate so deeply for me. I believe it is the longevity we seek, that unwavering gentle strength of having someone unflinchingly on your side.
That ”I gotcha back” type girlfriend on your team. I believe just knowing that you have another female strength to borrow from when yours is depleted, makes women forge connections with their own kind. I’m a lover of the female brain and what makes us tick. Therefore, I would never give up on us. I need women friends in my life by any means necessary. Boom!

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  1. I Love my real true to heart Female Friends. Friends that no matter what, i can still call my friends. Not everyone that you consider your friend is a true to heart friend. And although I do have some really close male friends, male friends that i really enjoy talking to and spending time with. Some time they will try to push the card in their really smooth way, and cross the line of friendship. That can also be said about some female friends as well. So if I had to pick between having a female friend verses a male friend. I would have to say that I would stick with my “Sista Girl” every time. I think if women valued their friendship with other women, and gave each other the respect that they deserved, Sister Hood would be alot better, and it would make it a little harder for me to step out on their woman. I am just saying.

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