Men and their Tools

Now that I’ve got your attention, I need to ask this serious question. What happened to the art of craftsmanship? i.e. construction work, cement, electrical, auto mechanics and is this a lost art? Has this generation of men traded their tool belts for cell phone holders? Really! What’s up with that! I recently needed some home repairs and called up a couple of my male friends to ask if they could assist or recommend someone. I was told to go to “Google” to find help with things like that. Wow! I was taken aback to discover just how many men advised me to search the web instead of pulling out their tools…. Am I tripping!!! Maybe it’s an old fashion notion to think all men should have actually performed the act of changing a tire and replacing a broken towel bar..Stop right there and hear me out! I am not bashing all men because I am as equally disturbed by women that can’t sew on a button, iron a cotton shirt or cook a full course meal. Cooking and sewing is a craft that my mother passed along to me and I passed these crafts along to my daughters as did a lot of women I know…But imagine if every time a man said he would like a home cooked meal and all the women in his life advised him to go to “Google” to find things like that. Just saying!!!. .Thank GOD for both men and women that pass their crafts down to their children. I personally think that this is what makes a person well-rounded overall. What’s your thoughts? Let’s get conversational.

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