Revenge Plastic Surgery After Divorce?


There is no secret that California holds the trophy for the highest divorce rate state. However, what I have recently come to learn, is that plastic surgeons are capitalizing on this dissolution of marriage. This is clearly a lucrative niche market. Stateside, some clinics are already offering divorce packages to men and women seeking surgery after a break-up. Huh! Really? But while there is no doubt that cosmetic work can boost self-esteem, how wise is it for women to undergo surgery when they are clearly in an emotionally distraught state? Are clinics not guilty of taking advantage of this unhappiness?

Okay, I get it. Looking good is the best revenge and surely the best medicine after you have been through a bad break-up or divorce. But, is cosmetic surgery the answer? I needed to get conversational and check this out for myself. So after sharing this topic with a few divorced friends and of course doing some internet surfing…I found that a lot of women confessed to having cosmetic surgery and certainly; all of them at one time has thought about it.  I hear many are opting for plastic surgery hoping to buy back the body they had before childbirth. Personally speaking, I see no problem with that. One of my friends actually said, “The surgery was very much a reaction to my divorce — I wanted to re-invent myself and get MY REVENGE after the way my ex made me feel about myself.”  I said, “more power to ya.”

Frankly, I take no issue with anyone taking measures to boost their confidence and self-esteem —be it weight loss or cosmetic surgery.

Just saying, women, please don’t break your bank trying to get revenge.. I know the competition is furious out there in the single lane. But make sure you are doing it for yourself and not because you want to level the playing field….Boom!

What’s your thoughts? Let’s get conversational.


  1. Re-inventing yourself after a bad break up is not a bad idea. I am sure after being with someone for so long you feel like you lost a lot of yourself. And looking better is always a good idea. But sometime fixing up the inside is the better way to go. Bettering yourself as a person, Bettering your education and career goals, Bettering your out look on life can be the best revenge you can have. Some men think that when you lose them, you lose a good thing, but what they don’t know is when they lost you, they lost a better thing. Now all you need to do is Shine it up a little, and just be the person they fell in love with in the first place. Save the surgery money and take a nice trip. A man not only hates to see you looking better after he leaves, but it will really hurt him if he see that you are “Doing the Damn Thing All By Yours Self”. And taking names. I am just sayiing

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