With This Ring (Lifetime movie)

With-This-Ring-1aThe Lifetime original movie that premiered on Saturday, January 24th. “With This Ring” tells the story of four sista girlfriends who made a vow to get married (or engaged) within one year. Hold up wait a minute! Could this be the result of the statistics that states that only 1 of 2 black women will ever get married? Maybe. But here’s the thing, I don’t personally take issue with making a goal and working hard to achieve it. For the most part, people decide and use timelines of when they want to move their lives to the next level all the time – be it completing college or buying their first home…In my opinion, why should getting married or engaged be any different? Is marriage such a sacred commitment, that to set out to accomplish this such goal would breed calamity and sacrilege? Just saying.. Let’s keep it real! Most girls / women dream of finding Mr. Right and marrying him-believing they will live happily ever after. But here lies the problem.. LOVE!  We all want love and to be loved. And there’s a really important point made in the movie and that is about self-love and realizing that being married does not define a happy life … It’s important for women to enjoy their life without fear of being single. Otherwise, as in the movie, they will settle for “that guy,” aka the guy who’s always wanted to date her but she just not that into him. Which brings me to my next subject… Isn’t online dating the rave? I think it’s the best thing invented since Starbucks. Why are people embarrassed to admit they use this remarkable invention? I have found that most single people prefer online dating to the bar scene because online dating offers a better chance of getting a first date. I support online dating and feel it is necessary in our crazy fast-pace world; however, I must admit I spent watching the movie yelling “Duh!” and “Yeah, I know!” and “Of course!” at the screen every time these strong, black, college-educated, career women had a breakthrough. But in the end, I do think they all came to realize that marriage is not the end all be all.  Perhaps true for some, an important part of the female journey to make them feel whole, but you’re not defined as a woman by marriage. Boom!

Desperation or determination? What’s your thoughts? Let’s get conversational.



  1. Desperation or determination, well I think that life and the goals that come with it takes a little of both. You have to be determined to go after what you want in life, and you have to be desperate not to give up until you it. I don’t see anything wrong with setting goals for love and marriage. And I truly do not feel that you have to settle in order to do it. Setting a time frame only means that you do not have time to deal with anyone’s foolishness. If it takes longer then 90 days to decide if you are with someone which whom you do not see a future with and they do not see one with you, then you have just wasted 90 days and you need to move on to your goals. With this ring took two hours to complete one year, and that is truly how fast life is going by. So do I feel that those sisters had the right idea, yes I do. Do I feel that desperation and determination is a good tool to have when looking for Love, yes I do. But look at both of those words very closely, you can not find Foolishness in either of them. So ladies, be determined, be a little desperate But Never Be Foolish. I am just saying.

  2. Bonjour, Single ladies out there listen up never put yourself in a compromising position by settling for less than the true value of yourself. Never let them see you sweat or even think you are desperate . The word marriage means to merge so if and when the right guy comes along marriage (merging) will hopefully be significant enough to take to the bank of happily ever after. How about that.
    Au revoir

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